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Greenplum Data Integration in DBeaver Using JDBC or ODBC

The JDBC driver consists of one or multiple jar files. The Jar file is a library which contains program code and some other files.You need to download the driver's jar files before adding them to DBeaver. Sometimes the jar files are included in the database server distribution - in that case you need to refer to your database documentation or ask your DBA.

DBeaver can download driver jars directly from the Maven repository (it is a global public repository of Java libraries, usually an open-source). If your database driver is published on some public repository you can use this feature. Maven artifacts are better than plain jar files because you can see all existing driver versions and can change the driver version in runtime without any driver properties reconfiguration.

download greenplum driver for dbeaver


  • Complete the following steps to add the driver .jar file:Open the DBeaver application and, in the Database menu, select the Driver Manager option. Click New to open the Create New Driver form.

  • In the Driver Name box, enter a user-friendly name for the driver.

To add the .jar file, click Add File on the Libraries tab. Select the cdata.jdbc.greenplum.jar file, located in the lib subfolder of the installation directory.

if any body is facing the above issue then remove the jar files from dbvear library and add the below jar file download from the link below and add it in the driver library and try to connect worked for me hope this might helpful

DBeaver downloads database drivers (JDBC) on demand (after the first attempt to connect to the database). This approach does not work in CloudBeaver, mostly because the driver download may require some user interactions + access to external resources + some local file system permissions.CloudBeaver must have all driver jars pre-downloaded in the folder set as driversLocation in the Server configuration. By default it is a directory drivers in the root of CloudBeaver deployment.

The first one refers to the actual Maven artifact. The Second one refers to some weird path drivers/postgresql. What does it mean?The DBeaver Community does not contain any drivers' jars. It downloads them on demand. But DBeaver EE and CloudBeaver and other products may contain drivers out of the box so users will not need to download them.These two lines configure the driver for these two different situations. If you do not plan to include your driver configuration in DBeaver, then you may skip the first line.

You must include a driver in the server build. All 3rd party jars must be available for the server during the startup. By default, the CB buidl script downloads 3rd party jars from Maven Central but you can add a custom logic there.

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