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On the day of Inauguration, there is an expectation of pomp, circumstance and the beautiful decoration for Inauguration. There are three well-known symbols in Washington DC. The most iconic is the barge (White House) decorated to honor the first president. The next is to lay the cornerstone in the Lincoln memorial, which is the marker of the official beginning of a federal building. The third is the Inaugural parade through the streets of the Capitol grounds (Senate side). The plan and timing of an inauguration was worked out by George Washington in the summer of 1789. He initially planned the parade to be in mid-March but his advisors thought it should be timed closer to the February election. Washington vetoed this idea to avoid a potential stampede to the polls. His advisors did not have a consensus until February when Frederick William Fairfax, the British surveyor of customs, offered to be the parade coordinator. He formed a more reliable date of March 4 which met with Washington's approval. On the final day of February 1789, Washington met with other constitutional officers to discuss the arrangements for the Inauguration. Washington did not attend the meetings, having been ill, but he worked closely with his advisors.11

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Typically the inaugural parade is flanked by other agencies. The head of the US Air Force, the US Air Force Band, the US Army Drum and Bugle corps, the US Army Color guard, the Air Force Color guard, or Marine Corps Bands, and companies from the Army National Guard. At the end of the parade, the crowd is marched to the Senate chamber for a seated inauguration. Then a prayer is offered and President is sworn in. After the Inauguration, a reception is held at the White House.


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