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The Deep House YIFY

It has potential. First you have a secluded house and two couple. That's a good setup. Then it just starts up with this weird stuff going on and some sort of story about what went on at the house years before. It's just not much of a movie.

The Deep House YIFY

I'm all for Lifetime movies (saw this on Lifetime Movie Network) but this one was absolutely horrible, from acting to too many holes in the movie.As the summary says, Rebecca and Brian move into a new house in which strange things start happening from food they didn't order being delivered to their house, to exterrminators being called because of a rat problem they say they don't have. They soon learn whose behind all of these "pranks".Issue one.If you say you didn't order food that's being delivered to your house, you shouldn't, nor would you pay for it, yet, Brian pays $57 for four pizzas and $42 for Chinese food.Issue two: When they call the police about what's been taking place a detective shows up. When does a detective take a report fornon-emergency, non violent issues? Detectives are usually assigned important cases. Not petty stuff like food being delivered and exterminators being called.Issue three: When the detective goes to Brian and Rebecca's house and finds the door open, why doesn't he announce he's the police or he's a detective instead of shouting "Hello! Anyone home?"And don't get me started on the unnecessary dramatic music through out the movie. Every scene in the movie had music. This is one of those movies where the synopsis sounds great, but the execution was horrible.I don't recommend this movie to anyone...not even if you're bored and this the only thing on TV.

"The Wrong House" is a by-the-numbers film about a deranged woman who felt displaced when her childhood home is put up for foreclosure. She loses out on the bidding war, then seeks revenge on the new owners.Brian and Rebecca Lassiter believe they have found their dream home in Cedar Shade after moving to L.A. from the East Coast with little Maddy. But family was not prepared for the series of events that conspire to take the home away from them and break up the family.The villainess of the piece is Kathleen Strickland, a "personal trainer," who takes advantage of her position to ingratiate herself with the new homeowners and to make their lives a living hell. She plays an especially nasty trick on Brian by promoting him as a pervert and adulterer. While under the care of Dr. Elizabeth Ross, Kathleen's therapy eventually has eye-popping consequences for the poor psychiatrist who is murdered in her office.Other casualties include a nice neighbor who is pushed down a set of stairs and Detective Carter, who lets his guard down for a moment and is stabbed in the back. It is not clear if the "nosy" neighbor Lana Cranfield will recover from being bashed in the head by Kathleen, who was one of her "trainees."The film was overly unpleasant, and it stretched credibility when Rebecca stopped believing in Brian when it was obvious that the family was being controlled by a master manipulator. For Rebecca to kick Brian out of the house and for Brian to later forgive Rebecca were leaps of faith that many viewers may find hard to swallow. By the end, it is difficult even to believe that the family would want to reside in a house that appeared to be jinxed as the deadliest domicile in Cedar Shade.

A young and modern couple who go to France to explore an underwater house and share their findings on social media undergoes a serious change of plans when the couple enters the interior of a strange house located at the bottom of... 041b061a72


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