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Aaron Evans

Vet Wrap Bondage Vid High Quality

Unfortunately, when most people think of bondage, they think of rope. Personally, I believe this is because there are some truly amazing shibari (the art of Japanese rope bondage) practitioners out there, so they get a lot of attention.

vet wrap bondage vid

While BDSM can be an amazingly pleasurable practice, safety is key, and that starts with education. Part of this crucial education is knowing the risks involved - and what to do if anything goes wrong. It also means knowing and understanding the alternatives to more dangerous practices. Here we'll take a look at a safer, less expensive alternative to bondage rope - vet wrap.

The same is true of scarves or pantyhose - in short, do not usethem for bondage. The same is doublytrue for handcuffs: they might look cool, but they can be dangerous as BDSM toys. The injuries that can be done with handcuffs,even with a submissive only lightly resisting them, can be debilitating.

The second is a must-have tool: a pair of safety shears. Designed for emergency medical technicians, they allow you to cut clothing (and more) from a person without piercing their skin. You can get them anywhere, but be sure and get the pair that jives with the kind of bondage you are doing. Ideally, you should be able to use them to get someone out of any form of bondage in one quick, easy movement.

Most importantly, they are perfect for things like four-pointbondage: being restrained by each wrist and both ankles. Not to disrespect rope, but when you tiesomeone that way all it can take is a muscle spasm, a moment of panic, or amyriad of other things for the person being restrained to pull too hard, leading to pain and potential injury.

To use vet wrap you still need some basic safety training, and should never do bondage without it, but you can be up and running in a short time and only spend a few bucks. Then, if you like that, you can graduate to cuffs, shackles, and even rope. 041b061a72


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