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Ivan Titov
Ivan Titov

Doomsday Brothers ^NEW^

Apocalypsegee: The oldest brother. He's always calm and relaxed as he loves life, without even one complain about it. He doesn't exactly like fighting because he prefers having fun or just relaxing. Despite that, he's the strongest one. But no one has ever seen him actually get mad: Even his fighting style involves keeping calmness to do lethal moves like the Hellfire or the Unfair Fight. He likes all of his brothers and he didn't even do anything to fight Kalkigee when he was evil, except for when he tried to harm their other brothers. His part of the World Destroyer's powers represent Order, as he's calm and Judges good and bad.

Doomsday Brothers

Armageddongee: The third one. Armageddongee's personality hasn't to be explained: Sort of crazy, short-tempered and never serious. His fighting style involves tricks and continous movements to confuse the enemy. He can use pure force, but he seems to not like it, atleast in his normal form. He is friendly with all of his brothers, and has expecially a great admiration for Apocalypsegee. His power represents Antimatter, as his style is particularly strange and different from every other, as Antimatter is still hardly studied and can easily disintegrate matter upon touch. 041b061a72


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