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Best Place To Buy Contemporary Furniture Online

Shopping in person may have some advantages, but we'd argue any day that online furniture shopping is far more effective. And it's mainly about choice. Head to a large furniture store on a Saturday afternoon and yes you'll be able to test out the best sofas and get a real sense of the fabric and quality of the design, but you'll also be limited to only a small number of options. Online, you have access to a much wider range of price points, design styles, materials and even customisation options, all from the best furniture stores around right now.

best place to buy contemporary furniture online

So whether it's a sofa, an ergonomic office chair, a rug, a new dining table, or even a mattress or some garden furniture, shopping at online furniture stores gives you much more scope, as well as the time to make your decision as informed as possible. And while, yes, you can't try each piece before you buy, most online furniture stores have comprehensive trial periods, meaning you'll often be able to test your sofa or mattress out for a bit before committing for good. But where to begin? To make your furniture shopping as easy as possible (because it should be fun, after all), we've rounded up the best furniture stores that you can start browsing immediately.

We're partial to many a bedroom furniture store here at GQ, but for the sheer quality of mattresses and furniture, Simba is our deserved champ. Furnishings aside, it's the brand's mattresses that have really earned a place in our hearts and a permanent spot in our bedrooms. In a hybrid style, the mattresses combine both pocket spring and memory foam technology, making them soft and supportive at the same time. Whatever style of sleeper you are, there's a mattress here to suit you, and many a bed frame option that'll keep it looking good in your bedroom at the same time. Shop the full collection at

For throws, bedding, rugs, and even cushions, there's no question that The White Company is one of the best furniture stores to browse. Designed to find the ultimate balance between softness, quality and really mastering that luxurious, sumptuous feel, The White Company has established a hotel-standard feel that'll keep you coming back time and time again. The duvet sets and bedding never miss, but it's the Seaford rug that has currently captured our attention. Shop the full collection at

Different furniture stores all have different strengths and weaknesses, so if you're looking for a quickfire list of where to start browsing for more specific types of furniture, we've listed our favourite furniture stores and what they're best for below.

When you're shopping for furniture, the sales are really where you want to be directing your attention, especially if you're about to invest in something pricier like a sofa or bed frame. And luckily for you, sale season is well underway. From the best mattress sales at our favourite mattress stores to sofa sales, look no further for peak money-saving opportunities.

Furniture shopping isn't always friendly to your bank balance, naturally, because most pieces you'll be looking for are major investments. The trick? Knowing when the best furniture sales are. Normally, the biggest sale periods for most items tend to fall around the Black Friday, Boxing Day and January sales periods, making that a great time to look out for mattress deals, or to get a good discount on something larger like a dining table. Plenty of brands also regularly have clearance sales towards the end of each season, meaning you can look to invest in garden furniture towards the end of the summer, and might find a better deal on cosier, more homely items as we head into spring.

If you're not quite sure exactly what style of furniture you're after, or just want to browse somewhere with plenty of choices, John Lewis & Partners and Soho Home both have extensive furniture collections with pieces that tap into different aesthetics and suit different budgets. It's also worth taking a look at different furniture stores for different rooms; we'd recommend Brook + Wilde or Simba for bedroom furniture, Bombinate for the living room, and Cox & Cox for garden pieces. To make sure you know all the best places to shop, we've included a range of stores below that cover just about every style, type, and price point of furniture on the market.

Sofas, and maybe dining tables, are some of the more important furniture investments you'll be making for your home. Not only do they take up the most space, therefore playing a crucial role in determining the interior design aesthetic of your home, but they also are naturally the ones that drain your bank account the most. For this reason, you need to make sure you're making a careful and informed decision when you place your sofa order. Chances are you'll be stuck with it for many years to come, and we'd say that means making the right choice is pretty damn important.

Many of our favourite furniture brands also produce some of the finest sofas on the market, so to help you find the perfect model we've created standalone guides to the best sofas, best sofa beds, and the best corner sofas that you can peruse at your leisure. For a quickfire recommendation, however, opt for John Lewis for a durable and customisable sofa, and Soho Home for a premium, luxury-feel piece.

When you're looking for good furniture stores, there are a few important things to take into account. Furniture should be an investment, so shopping for high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time, rather than just ones that will tap into a year-long trend, is going to mean you get the best value for your money and won't need to redecorate every time the trends change. You'll also want to think about the style of your home and whether it suits more contemporary or traditional designs, as well as whether you're looking for neutral minimalist pieces or more colourful, bold statements. It's also worth considering how sustainably the furniture has been produced and sourced, something you can normally find out quite easily on most websites.

Vintage furniture is always a great choice, not only because it involves repurposing items that are already made, therefore reducing the environmental impact of shopping for furniture, but you can also come across some real gems that add unique character to your home in a way that a flat-packed, mass-produced item just won't. We'd recommend taking a look at eBay or Vinterior, but for more ideas, you can read our guide to the best vintage furniture stores to shop now.

Best known for its mattresses, Simba is expanding further and further into the furniture world, most recently with the launch of its new bed range. Always at the forefront of design innovation, Simba's bed range was created in an attempt to reinvent the bed base, using a new slat system that works with the whole bed to provide more support for your entire body. It's this kind of ambition that makes it a go-to in our eyes if you're looking to kit out a bedroom, and it's what also makes the company's mattresses so comfortable we can't stop recommending them. Save yourself time and buy your bed frame, mattress, duvet and pillows all in one place. Shop the full collection at

With 40 years of manufacturing experience, Darlings of Chelsea is focused on maintaining a reputation for producing high quality furniture which can be upheld to the highest standards. But in addition, it also places a key focus on creating unique pieces which are defined and differentiated by their details. Sofa beds and sofas are what we'd come here for first, with every style, colour and design you could imagine available to order, but you'll also find a range of beds, chairs and other exciting pieces available to purchase too. Think chic, classic style, with a fresh contemporary flair. Shop the full collection at

Oka is the kind of place where the furniture is always worth a browse, focusing on staple pieces that have timeless style, rather than seasonal trend-driven offerings that you'll be looking to replace within a year or two. Investing in furniture is about finding items that will work in your home for years to come, and OKA's edit is exactly the place to find those. Whether you're after lighting fixtures or lampshades, soft furnishings and cushions or larger pieces like the Katsura cabinet, it's got you covered and then some. Shop the full collection at

A classic British furniture brand, Barker & Stonehouse isn't just an online service but a well-established physical store with more than eleven locations across the UK. As an independent, family-owned business, it's actually been around since the end of the Second World War, building up a reputation for reliable and stylish furniture, such as this corner sofa. With such a range of different styles, you'll struggle not to find something you like. Shop the full collection at

A classic British lifestyle brand that needs no introduction, Oliver Bonas is a great place to find unique pieces that bring your rooms to life. If vintage is your thing, take a look at the Sofia collection, a range of luxurious furniture and upholstery with a classic aesthetic, including the Blue Chenille Loveseat and Velvet Ottoman. Shop the full collection at

For luxurious, highly premium and unique furniture pieces, LuxDeco is a good place to direct your attention. Featuring furniture from some of the most highly regarded and exclusive furniture brands across the globe, you'll find the interior design pieces that will turn your home into a showroom of its own right. Just look at this Bernhardt Adagio sideboard as proof. Shop the full collection at

Bedrooms are by far the most intimate and personal room you'll decorate in your home, so it's worth finding specific furniture stores that really capture the kind of style you're hoping to reflect. And this is where Feather & Black comes in. A real winner if you're after a bed frame, a chest of drawers or even some new bedding to spruce the place up a bit, it covers a range of styles and aesthetics and comes in at a pretty good price point too given the quality. Shop the full collection at 041b061a72


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