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Sense Flip Clock Weather (Ad-free) Pro Mod Ap... WORK

This app is the most advanced widget tool with digital clock and accurate weather forecasting features. This app is very useful for the users whose work depends on the time and weather conditions. The widgets in this app does not acquire the large display size and the users can work with the other app with these widgets. The users will easily get the info about the weather conditions which includes the sunrise and sunset time for the specific locations, humidity, chance of rain, wind pressure and speed, visibility, air pollution levels and UV conditions.. This app shows the 24 hours and 7 days forecast details to the users so they can schedule their work and trips according to the weather conditions. The users can also change the refresh time of the app for the weather forecasting to hourly or days.

Sense Flip Clock Weather (Ad-free) Pro Mod Ap...

This app has many unique features with stunning animation in the app and accurate weather forecasting. This app has 3 widgets with different comfortable sizes 4*1, 4*2, and 5*2. There several unique skins for the widgets with special flip animation effects. This app has different skins for the widget icons and the widgets can show the details of the next alarm and day. This app also contains several hotspot widgets that can be customized according to the users to open different applications. The users can also watch the current weather conditions and timing of any location in the world for their curiosity.

This is a complete-featured and fully customizable digital clock and weather forecast application for Android. It displays the next alarm, next calendar event, and week number on the widget and provides future forecast details (sunrise, sunset, moon phase, wind, humidity, and chance of rain). 041b061a72


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