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TerraExplorer Pro: The Ultimate 3D GIS Desktop Viewer and Creator for Windows

TerraExplorer Pro: A Powerful 3D GIS Software for Desktop

If you are looking for a cutting-edge 3D GIS software that can help you create, view, analyze, and share high-resolution 2D and 3D geospatial data, then you might want to check out TerraExplorer Pro. TerraExplorer Pro is a desktop application that provides a rich set of tools and a stunning 3D environment for working with geospatial data. In this article, we will introduce you to TerraExplorer Pro, explain what 3D GIS is and why it matters, and show you how to use TerraExplorer Pro for your 3D GIS projects.

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What is TerraExplorer Pro?

TerraExplorer Pro is a product of Skyline Software, a leading provider of 3D earth visualization solutions. TerraExplorer Pro is the advanced version of TerraExplorer, a free 3D GIS viewer that allows you to explore the world in an interactive globe. TerraExplorer Pro adds more features and capabilities to TerraExplorer, such as:

  • Publishing capabilities, conversion tools, optimization of model files for improved display performance, and uploading of data to SkylineGlobe cloud

  • Loading of all 2D and 3D offline formats, including imagery, elevation, mesh, feature, point cloud, CAD, BIM, and more

  • Feature layer editing and querying, including geometry editing, spatial queries, addition and deletion of features, attribute-based styling, and spatial operations

  • Advanced drawing tools for creating roads, traffic lights, powerlines, pipelines, fences, walls, particles effects, weather elements, light effects, water effects, smoke and fire

  • Powerful mesh editing tools for examining the photos used to create a mesh and marking mesh imperfections for implementation in PhotoMesh

  • Application programming interface (API) for developing customized 3D applications or integrating TerraExplorer capabilities in OEM applications

To download and install TerraExplorer Pro, you need to have a Windows operating system (8/10/11), at least 2 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended), a video card with at least 1 GB of video memory (2 GB or more recommended), pixel and vertex shader v3.0, a processor with at least 4 cores (8 cores recommended), Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, and Net Framework 4.6.1. You can download TerraExplorer Pro from the Skyline Software website or contact them for a free trial.

What is 3D GIS and why is it important?

GIS stands for geographic information system, which is a system that captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents spatial or geographic data. GIS allows you to see and understand data spatially by displaying it on maps or other visual representations. GIS can be used for various purposes across different industries and sectors, such as:

  • National government: GIS can help government agencies improve public services delivery, enhance national security, support policy making and planning, monitor environmental changes, manage natural resources, etc.

  • Urban design: GIS can help urban planners design smart cities that integrate massive amounts of digital data in one platform to optimize design and planning and ongoing operation of assets.

  • Entertainment: GIS can help entertainment producers create realistic and immersive virtual environments for movies, games , and simulations.

  • Education: GIS can help educators and students learn about geography, history, science, and other subjects by using interactive maps and 3D models to visualize and explore data.

  • Healthcare: GIS can help healthcare providers and researchers track and analyze diseases, monitor health trends, identify risk factors, plan interventions, allocate resources, etc.

3D GIS is a type of GIS that uses three-dimensional data to represent the real world more accurately and realistically. 3D GIS can create 3D models of buildings, terrain, vegetation, infrastructure, and other features that can be viewed from different angles and perspectives. 3D GIS can also incorporate time as a fourth dimension to show how data changes over time. 3D GIS has several advantages over 2D GIS, such as:

  • It can provide more information and details about the spatial data, such as height, volume, shape, texture, etc.

  • It can improve the visual appeal and communication of the spatial data by making it more engaging and interactive.

  • It can support more complex analysis and simulation of the spatial data, such as shadow analysis, line of sight analysis, flood modeling, etc.

  • It can enhance the decision making and problem solving process by allowing users to explore different scenarios and alternatives in a realistic environment.

How to use TerraExplorer Pro for 3D GIS projects

TerraExplorer Pro is a versatile and powerful 3D GIS software that can help you create, view, analyze, and share 3D geospatial data. Here are some of the main steps on how to use TerraExplorer Pro for your 3D GIS projects:

How to create, view, and share 3D scenes with TerraExplorer Pro

A 3D scene is a collection of geospatial data layers that are displayed in a 3D environment. To create a 3D scene with TerraExplorer Pro, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch TerraExplorer Pro and click on the New button on the toolbar or select File > New from the menu.

  • Select the coordinate system for your scene from the list or click on the Browse button to choose a custom one.

  • Add the geospatial data layers that you want to include in your scene by clicking on the Add button on the toolbar or selecting File > Add from the menu. You can add various types of data layers, such as imagery, elevation, mesh, feature, point cloud, CAD, BIM, etc. You can also add online data sources from SkylineGlobe cloud or other web services.

  • Arrange the order of the data layers in the Layer Manager window by dragging and dropping them. You can also rename, delete, group, or hide the data layers as needed.

  • Save your scene by clicking on the Save button on the toolbar or selecting File > Save from the menu. You can save your scene as a .fly file (a proprietary format of Skyline Software) or as a .spt file (a standard format for sharing 3D scenes).

To view a 3D scene with TerraExplorer Pro, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch TerraExplorer Pro and click on the Open button on the toolbar or select File > Open from the menu.

  • Select the 3D scene file that you want to open from your computer or from SkylineGlobe cloud. You can open .fly or .spt files with TerraExplorer Pro.

  • Navigate through the 3D scene using the mouse or keyboard controls. You can also use the Navigation window or the Navigation toolbar to change your view mode or perspective.

  • Use the tools on the toolbar or the menu to perform various actions on the 3D scene, such as measuring distances and areas, drawing objects and annotations, creating fly-throughs and animations , adjusting the lighting and atmosphere, etc.

To share a 3D scene with TerraExplorer Pro, you need to follow these steps: