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Buy Buffalo Meat Colorado !FREE!

We stopped by on our way up to the Grand Tetons. Amazing meat selections. New York Strip Buffalo steaks cooked just as Pete advised, on high heat to internal temp 120F, with a good dash of Midnite trail boss rub, did just the trick. The result was melt in your mouth steaks. Best campside meal in history!

buy buffalo meat colorado

Excellent and responsive service. The elk and buffalo meat was so lean and flavorful. The buffalo ribeye was incredibly tender, elk burgers were delicious. Very eager to try more of the various elk and buffalo options. Keep up the good work!

A great place for bison meat. They carry all cuts and will ship it for you. Bison meat is not inexpensive compared to beef, but it is tasty and worth the extra expense every once in awhile. If you never have had bison meat, treat yourself to some. Prepared correctly, it is excellent. Just remember that it does not like to be overcooked.

The finest game meat butcher shop in America, in the heart of Jackson Hole. We offer the widest selection of buffalo, elk and wild boar cuts available, including hand cut steaks, burger ground in-house, jerky, sausages, and more.

Buffalo Ranch Just East of DenverA believer in holistic bison grazing and ranching, I manage nearly 500 buffalo on a beautiful 8,000-acre site on a bucolic prairie just east of Denver International Airport. The animals roam freely in pastures set up according to holistic land management principles, enjoying the fresh Rocky Mountain air and natural vegetation.

When consumers taste our meat, they can instantly tell the difference. Grass-fed herds that roam unrestrained experience a low-stress environment, unlike those raised in feedlots. Higher-quality meat is the end result of allowing buffalo to choose their diets and thrive in a natural, calming environment.

Meyer, who runs Cold Creek Buffalo Company on 27,000 acres, is also part of a vanguard of Colorado bison ranchers, slowly chewing out a niche in the American meat market. For the past two decades, they have pushed bison as a low-fat, low-cholesterol delicacy to the American palate through high-end restaurants and local grocery store chains.

Emergy Foods is using mycelium, a fungi, to produce all-natural, plant-based meat alternatives with the texture of whole muscle meat. Emergy Foods CEO Tyler Hugins told the food industry website NOSH that this will lend itself to plant-based chicken breasts, pork chops and possibly fish and beef.

Water buffalo meat could make some consumers, or dogs, sick. Because they are considered wild game, neither bison nor water buffalo are required to undergo USDA inspection, Carter said, adding that most bison owners voluntarily have their meat inspected.

We raise and process the elk meat through our own contracted farmers and processors scattered throughout the United States. We can control the raising and the processing to meet our exacting specifications, making sure no hormones, growth additives, or animal by-products are ever used.

Elk as a game meat must be cooked as rare as you can possibly take it. Since elk meat is so lean prolonged cooking will dry the meat losing a bit of flavor and tenderness. Marinates, or moist cooking methods can help for those who like to cook elk meat past medium.

While many tout the nutritional benefits of grass-fed Bison meat, nothing can beat the tenderness and flavor of a Grain-Finished animal with its robust delicious savor. The Grain-Finished Bison steaks might have a bit more fat and a bit less of the Omega 3 oils, but they are still much leaner that a comparable cut of beef. We offer a full range of Bison cuts from steaks, to roasts, to ground meat.

Whitetail venison is farm raised and we process the deer meat through our contracted producers and processors scattered throughout the mid-western United States. We control the raising and the processing methods to meet our exacting specifications; we make sure no hormones, growth additives, or animal byproducts are ever used.

Whitetail Venison Steaks, roasts, venison burgers; Grande Natural has it all. Lean, bold and much more filling than any beef cut, Whitetail venison can be a delicious taste treat, lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in active protein, iron and many other the essential minerals. Simply, Whitetail deer meat is one of the most delicious, richest and leanest meat you can cook. Nothing will beat a flame-broiled rare venison steak, right off your grill, with a hint of salt.

Whitetail is a very lean game meat, venison must be cooked as rare as one can possibly stand it. Since Whitetail venison is so lean, cooking too long will dry the venison out, losing much of the flavor and most of the tenderness. Venison designed marinates or using moist cooking methods can help create a better venison eating experience for those who like to cook whitetail meat past medium.

Goat Meat, also known as Chevon, Cabrito or Capretto is the very tender meat of young kid goats. The terms Chevon, Cabrito, Capretto and Goat Meat are names that can be used interchangeably, however, some cultures define cabrito is weaned or suckling goat, while Chevon or Capretto is the meat of an older yearling, weaned meat goat. Our goat meat is from 7 to 12-month-old, +/- 90 pound weanling Boer goats, the best goat meat producing animals of the species.

Young goat meat is prized for its lean, but tender and flavorful characteristics. While milder in flavor than lamb, goat is not as rich nor as greasy as lamb, yet still very juicy. Goat is especially rich in protein and iron but contains only a modest fat and cholesterol content making this meat a logical choice for a high protein low fat diet.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful meal provided by your elk tenderloin. The meat that you chose was a very nice quality and you and your staff were also very kind to discuss food preparation and shipping options. Thank you again. I will be back!

We just wanted to email you guys to comment on the friendly services and the quality of meat, which was outstanding and delicious. You just earned yourselves repeat customers. The shipment arrived frozen solid in 110 degrees here near Phoenix (in Maricopa). Well worth every penny we spent!

We use only the best organic, 100% grass-fed bison meat combined with pure organic spices as called for by our old family recipes to create a wonderful tasty treat that will satisfy no matter how long a trail ahead.

All the smoked meats all great but I especially like the smoked turkey breast. It is very moist and tender, can be cut with a fork. It melts on your palate like butter. Small eat in area or inside and small patio out front. Very friendly owners and counter service. You can call the day before for large orders and they will give you a time to pick up.

OTTEMAN'S INC Meat Processing slaughters and processes beef and buffalo for Colorado farmers and ranchers. We also service customers who buy all or part of an animal from a producer and then have us process it. With over 60 years of service, OTTEMAN'S INC Meat Processing is one of the premier meat processors in Colorado. Our objectives are to serve those customers who like to stock their freezers, and do this to the best of our abilities. We truly appreciate your business, and we will do our best to help you in anyway possible.

Other buffalo meat products such as steaks, roasts, ribs and ground meat upon request. Although the Palmer Lake location is geared more toward production, online sales and shipping, walk-in patrons are welcome. Popp suggests people interested in picking up orders may do so on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Those who have questions about products are encouraged to call first at 719-488-3898.

Pets N' Stuff is proud to carry Blue Buffalo in Lakewood, Colorado. Made with only the finest natural ingredients and real meat in every formula, Blue Buffalo offers your dog the wholesome nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle for any breed at any age.

Tenderized chicken breasts stuffed with your choice of Jalapeno & Pepper Jack cheese, Wisconsin 3-Cheese, Asparagus-stuffed, Broccoli-stuffed, Mushroom & Swiss or "Colorado-Style" with Peppers, Onions & Mozzarella and wrapped in thick applewood smoked bacon. 14-16 ounce stuffed chicken breast serves two.Cooking Suggestion: Place thawed breast on foil-lined baking sheet. Bake at 400 for 50-60 minutes, turn periodically to crisp bacon. Internal temperature should reach 165 degrees as measured by a meat thermometer.

In a sauté pan add oil, onion, celery, carrot and garlic. Cook until onion is translucent. Remove from heat to cool for about 5 minutes. Combine vegetables, parsley, egg, ketchup, Worcestershire, oregano, sea salt and pepper. Combine bread crumbs, and onion mixture to buffalo and mix until incorporated. Avoid overmixing or the meat loaf will be tough.

Meat is big in Colorado and some meat dishes - from steaks to sausages, game to the famous (or infamous, depending on who you talk to), Rocky Mountain oysters - have become staples of the Mile High City. The range of preparations is broad and the caliber of kitchens producing them varied, but one thing is certain: people view them as symbols of our local cuisine. Without further ado, these are Denver's ten iconic meat dishes.

CUT YOUR WAY EVERY TIMEOur cutting facility produces portioned steaks, steak ready cuts, thin sliced meats, and many other customized items. We boast 95%+ compliance with customer specifications, among the highest in the industry, according to independent audits. We can meet the needs of customers in the United States as well as the export requirements for Canada and most other countries.

We know the importance of quality and consistency. Our production supervisors and quality control staff ensure that products are cut to customer specifications every time. We take responsibility for our production supply chain from harvest all the way to the kitchen because that is the service our customers deserve. And in case of a problem, we have full traceability for every pound of meat processed in our facility. 041b061a72


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