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Survivor In Rainbow Monster APK MOD: How to Escape the Scary Amusement Park with Infinite Money and Skills

In the game, players need to collect resources, make weapons and tools, build their own bases and camps to protect themselves from the monsters' attacks and injuries. Players also need to keep exploring the world, discovering hidden secrets and treasures, interacting and cooperating with other players or creatures.

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The scenery and monsters in the game are very diverse, and players need to deal with a variety of challenges and dangers. For example, some monsters can fly, invisible or release powerful magic, while some scenarios are filled with deadly traps and spooky mazes. Players need to continuously upgrade their equipment and skills to improve their combat and survival capabilities.

Overall, Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a very interesting and challenging adventure game, which not only provides rich scenery and monsters, but also fully demonstrates the player's wisdom and courage. Players can fully experience a variety of challenges and fun in the game, to explore the mystery and wonder of the rainbow world, is a very worthwhile game.

Playing this game is fun and it has an excellent gameplay. Your main task in this game is to survive in a world full of different colorful monsters, while dodging annoying obstacles and solving complex puzzles.

In the game, you will come up against different monsters, each with unique strengths and abilities, making them harder opponents to defeat. The monsters in this game are all differentiated by their colors, and they all have scary appearances.

There are different monsters in this game, each of which has unique abilities and strengths. As you advance in the game, you will face new ones and discover each of their abilities. There is a green, blue, orange, and purple colored monster.

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The game has horror-themed graphics and thrills players as they find an escape route away from the monsters. The characters, demons, and the entire environment are all well drawn and are very appealing to the eyes of players.

Apart from the good visual system, the sound system in this game is also excellent and fits the entire aesthetic of the game. The sounds of the monsters as they navigate around the arena, and also the sound effects that come from when your character is very thrilling and will keep players on their toes.

You have tasks to do to survive the night and prepare for the next. Each passing day will turn into a night where a defenceless child is powerless in the dark against monsters. There will be many clues, such as turning on the lights to help scare away the monster for a while, blocks and cabinets to help hide from pursuit, and sounds to identify the nearest patrol. Once you start the challenge, you should investigate the area in detail, hoping to find items like a torch to help you light the way and scare the monster away.

A large number of kidnapped children, just like you, will be fighting for life, keep track of who has survived the chase and who has fallen victim to yet another nightmare. Change your character by unlocking unique decorations that make the ordeal more fun. Acquire a fun companion to survive nightmares with you. Unlock more game modes, new locations, a variety of monsters, each with their own unique challenges and waiting for new victims.

The game Survivor In Rainbow Monster for android is divided into 5 levels, each of which involves the completion of a specific task. The participant will collect blocks, feed the monsters, repair the car, repair the electrical wiring in the room, and so on. Each mission has its own characteristics and will require the user to be attentive, accurate and have a good reaction.

Free RewardsIf you're someone who loves simulation games and colorful creatures, then you should definitely check out Garten of Rainbow Monsters.This game takes you on a magical journey where you get to create your own garden filled with the most vibrant and adorable monsters.The game offers a variety of free rewards for players as they progress through the levels with its Mod APK 1.0.8.With these rewards, you can unlock new monster species, decorate your garden with beautiful items, and even expand your garden to fit more creatures.So why wait? Download Garten of Rainbow Monsters Mod APK today and dive into an enchanting world of beautiful colors and creatures.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a new project from Great Arcade Games in which you will have to play as a little boy. You have been kidnapped and placed in an abandoned park where you are destined to spend 5 nights before being found. Complete daily quests and remember that each monster has its own characteristics. Use tactics to be one step ahead of the monsters and listen carefully so as not to miss the attack from the back. Earn money to unlock new rewards and opportunities that will help you survive to the bitter end.

The second night will require even more perseverance from you. The main character will need to arrange the food for the monsters properly in order to ensure a safe passage. The only caveat in this quest is the fact that no one knows how the monsters will move. Accordingly, every time you have to take risks to put food under their noses.

The fourth night will provide you with another adventure. You need to turn on the light in a small room infested with monsters. They are constantly on the move to save you, so try to do everything as quietly and quickly as possible.

At this point in time, Survivor In Rainbow features several types of monsters. Among them, there are blue, orange, green and purple monsters. Each of these creatures has its own special characteristics that you need to take into account during the passage.

The orange monster has a mastery of camouflage and can disguise itself under absolutely any interior. That is why he can be anywhere and appear in front of you at the most inopportune moment. The only advantage for you is the ability to feed him. A well-fed monster will not touch you for a while.

The green monster has incredible strength, but slow speed. Thus, you should not be afraid of the very fact of its approach, but rather a pile of metal flying at you. Try to dodge his attacks and make little noise so as not to attract too much attention.

The blue monster, on the contrary, is the fastest of its relatives, so it should be feared the most. Moreover, it will be extremely difficult for players to guess the route of his following due to his chaotic movement. Thanks to this creature, you have to be on the move constantly so as not to get to him for dinner once again.

After being captured and brought here, the player needs to find a way to survive the 5 nights of captivity. Every night there is a strange quest set for the player, which must be completed without fail. In addition to completing the quest, players also need to hide from the monsters that are hanging around here. If they detect your existence or your presence near them, they will rush to crush you with their feet. Players can rest assured whenever a rainbow monster is about to appear near you. There will be sounds indicating their presence. Each rainbow monster corresponds to a different creepy sound.

There are five missions each night, each with a different and increasing difficulty from easy to easy. The first night, the player needs to find the specified blocks. Those are cubes with letters on each side. The second night, the player needs to find food to throw to the monsters. Or to feed these rainbow monsters? On the third night, the player must repair the machinery in preparation for power generation. On the fourth night, when the machine is fixed on the third night, the player can use it to light up the entire park. The last night is also Thursday night, with the name Magic Night coming to an end.

Everything is described quite simply, but in reality it is not. Each quest yields its duplicate treasure. In addition to appearance, players can also distinguish monsters by sound and appearance. A large blue monster with a golden crown on its head. The green monster was as long as a stick, swinging its limbs. The orange monster has a lizard-like shape. The purple monster revealed only its eyes and hands from within the chimney. Download Survivor In Rainbow Monsters survival battle escape spooky park.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster is an action puzzle game that sounds like horror because of the presence of Monsters, but it is actually very fun. The navigation effects and the appearance of the characters and monsters are very friendly and funny.

From the moment you are captured here, you must find a way to survive 5 nights in a completely strange place where there are only monsters. For five nights, each night has a quest and a series of weird challenges you need to overcome and complete well. At the same time, you must always avoid the biggest enemy of this place, the rainbow monsters. If you let one of these monsters detect, they will quickly crush you in a moment and end the game.


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