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Net Framework 3.5 SP1 Compressed Only 60 MB.rarl

Other Features and Functionality FILEminimizer can also compress a number of files at the same time (only three for the trial version, but I don't believe there is a limit in the full version). You can, of course, modify some basic settings, such as to have the program overwrite your files with the compressed versions.

Net Framework 3.5 SP1 Compressed Only 60 MB.rarl


When I debugged it with Windbg the error did occur but not with dnSpy which left me back puzzled. If you have followed this far you can probably guess that this issue only surfaces when native images are loaded into the process. That was the reason why dnSpy was working perfectly. By enabling local variables and Ngenning the binaries again it did help to find out what was happening. The exact details are not important but it suffices to say that the application did use an old Dependency Injection framework named ObjectBuilder which was part of the Enterprise Library many years ago. To select the right ctor the default policy was to always use the first one by a call to Type.GetConstructors:


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