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Material Status Bar Notific Mod No Ads

Material status bar pro is an amazing app that lets you customize and design your status bar according to your needs and likings in a material design. This is the first application that offers you to customize and change the appearance of your status bar.

Material Status Bar Notific Mod No Ads

It offers you a few interesting themes like Gradient, Lollipop, and Flat (that is based on the IOS). With this, you can also add many things to your status bar such as battery percentage, brightness bar, weather info, data usage, day, time, temperature, and many more.

Hardware status bar is the first Android application to give you a tinted status bar with the look of hardware design and feel.It supports all devices running Android 4.0 to 7.0 and is intended to be a full status bar.You can now use your Notification System without the overlap problem.Options to disable the status bar in selected applications. This allows native transparency on the home screen, lock screen and other applications that take advantage of it.You can choose to have the newest and most gentle thematization of colors with a darker accent,

Make use of the app to freely customize the layouts and colors of your different tiles, notifications, and other elements on the notification bar. Explore the plenty of unique and interesting customizations, each allowing you to interact and enjoy your mobile devices differently.

Similar to Power Shade, this amazing mobile app from ZipoApps allows mobile users to have absolute fun playing with their interactive and intuitive elements on the notification bar. Simply enable the app and immediately customize the on-screen components however you wanted. Using plenty of different tools, you can freely current the in-app experiences according to your certain preferences.

Right off the bat, Android users will have this simple and convenient notification app, which they can immediately enable on their mobile devices with little trouble. Feel free to make use of the app and its convenient features on any of your mobile devices. All it takes is for you to install and enable the app to have the in-app elements automatically configured on your Android system. Plus, the intuitive app UI and interactive features will make sure that you can make many settings and customizations with ease.

For those of you who are interested, you can now freely customize the notification card themes in your Android devices, using the many different options. Choose to work with the standard Light theme to have a better visibility during the days. Or enable the pure black theme to soothe your eyes during the nights. And also have access to plenty of different color options in Material Notification Shade, each allowing you to apply certain colors to the background, so you can freely customize the notification colors accordingly.

To make the app more interesting, Material Notification Shade users can now enjoy their powerful notification experiences, which will greatly improve their on-screen experiences with mobile devices. Have no troubles enabling the convenient notifications, which you can easily get, read, snooze, and dismiss on the fly.

Choose to enable the circular battery indicator to give a nice touch to your Android UI. Make use of the provided settings to show the power menu button, seconds in the clock, network speed meter, and other elements on the notification panels. Position the brightness sliders at the top or bottom of your notification panel. And freely customize its shapes and sizes, using the many options in the app.

To make better uses of the mobile app, Material Notification Shade users can now enjoy working with the convenient pop-ups, so they can have more fun working with the Android devices. Choose to use heads-ups to show your different popup notifications or disable some of them, including system heads-ups. Make use of the app to remove pop-ups when using your devices in full-screen mode. Choose to colorize your pop-up badges, adjust the pop-up time, and disable them to customize your on-screen experiences however you wanted. Here, the many options will allow Material Notification Shade users to enjoy their on-screen experiences to the fullest.

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of the many convenient edge triggers in Material Notification Shade, which will allow you to conveniently control the mobile app. Make use of the different tools to customize the triggers however you wanted. Choose to enable or disable their functions accordingly. Customize their colors, lengths, sizes, and positions on the notification bar however you wanted. Enable haptic reactions upon touching the notifications. Show the triggers only on the home screen, and remove them when in full-screen mode and when the keyboard is showing. The list goes on.

Feel free to customize the profile pictures, the carrier name, and font settings on your notification tabs however you wanted. Make use of the auto-expand notification feature to effortlessly view the content. Override the system panel, wallpaper, fingerprint gesture, and other settings so you can enjoy the fully-featured app without any troubles.

Use the app to force screen brightness, use new screen brightness, and keep the auto-brightness settings on your certain notification tiles. And for those of you who are interested, you can now choose to hide sensitive notifications on the lock screen to protect your privacy.

With convenient tools and useful features, Material Notification Shade will make a great mobile tool for Android users to freely customize their notification panels, tiles, and other on-screen elements.

I know Jeff Atwood has not supported telling users when they do something wrong in the notification bar, but we are going to allow anonymous users and one reputation point users to make suggested edits, there needs to be some what to provide some guidance on how to edit well, and to give them feedback when their edit was incorrect. I, for one, would have appreciated it because I was only trying to help and if I was given any feedback on the rejections, it would have helped me (although, seeing how some people do overreact to the slightest criticism, I do see why the notification bar may not be the best per Jeff Atwood's answer I linked). 350c69d7ab


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